About Bruxelles-Propreté

About us

Institutional framework

Bruxelles-Propreté is a type A para-regional entity. It acts under the direct authority of the Minister of the Government of the Region of Brussels-Capital in charge of Climate Transition, Environment, of Energy and Participatory Democracy. Bruxelles-Propreté employs about 3.000 people.

The vision, mission and values of Bruxelles-Propreté are the foundation of its corporate culture, which is essentially unique.


To build with you a more serene life in society.


To ensure that a healthier city through our work in waste collection and processingcleaning and awarness-raising.


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Bruxelles-Propreté is aware of the fact that respecting the human factor determines the success of its work, and as such, it supports the civic commitment of the city's users and the professional commitment of its workers. Our company also strives to respect our urban lifestyle and on a broader scale, the environment.



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The work of Bruxelles-Propreté cannot be effective without the collaboration of everyone (residents, shopkeepers and entrepreneurs, municipalities, administrations, etc.). We want to foster this cooperation and promote responsible behaviours..



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Information and awareness have a key role in the improvement of waste management and public spaces cleanliness management. Besides induction training, our associates also receive on-going training. They are regularly informed of the company's aims and values.




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Support (long-term)

Bruxelles-Propreté remains attentive to the expectations and needs of citizens, and to the improvement of its range of services. It wants to remain close to and accessible to all, including its own employees.

A service to the population certified ISO

Bruxelles-Propreté has been committing to a certification process since 2004. Since 2006, all collection activities have been certified.

The ISO 9001 certification requires :

  • the implementation of quality at work
  • the search for ways to improve our services
  • the satisfaction of our residents and our customers (some customers require their waste collector to be ISO certified).

Each year, we are audited by an external authority that checks whether we pursue a process of continuous quality improvement of our services and whether we comply with the ISO 9001 standard.

Since 2013, Bruxelles-Propreté has been committed to the ISO 14001 standard, complementary to ISO 9001. This standard focuses on the environmental aspects. In November 2013 we obtained an ISO 14001 certification for the Specific Collections and their supporting processes.

The General Management has defined a vision for quality and the environment that sets strategic objectives (only available in French and Dutch).

This improvement is concretely translated into the following strategic objectives: 

  • To prepare the Agency for the ecological and urban planning challenges of tomorrow.
  • To improve the Agency's visibility to the people of Brussels.
  • To be a dynamic and social employer.
  • Improving collection services for household and bulky waste in Brussels with a view to achieving a 65% recycling rate by 2030.
  • To ensure that the Agency's costs and revenues are kept under control in all its activities. 

Social and societal commitment


Bruxelles-Propreté is today one of the largest employers of low-skilled workforce in the Brussels-Capital Region. More than 80% of our employees are workers. Most of them are 25 to 35 years old and have no diploma or were temporarily registered as job seekers before being hired..


For many job seekers, these programmes mean a way to access a job:

  • "Article 60" of the CPAS regulations (public social services centres) specifies hiring by an employer, for a period of one year, of persons receiving an integration income, with the aim to help them get work experience. The CPAS of the City of Brussels, Molenbeek and Schaerbeek have concluded such an agreement with Bruxelles-Propreté. Each year, 30 people are thus hired on that basis.
  • The Rosetta plan aims to help each person aged 26 and younger start on the job market, as soon as possible after finishing school, and for a job duration of one year. About 80 "Rosetta" are hired that way each year by Bruxelles-Propreté.
  • The Gesco agreement is aimed at long-term job seekers, who are often low-skilled, and helps them find a permanent job. The number of persons hired under this agreement differs from year to year.


The hardship of some work tasks has led Bruxelles-Propreté to implement measures to reduce these tasks' impact on the health of its workers.

In practice, medical and physical examinations determine hiring; in case of incapacity, a transfer to less strenuous work areas is offered. Reassignment to the cleaning service enables loading personnel aged 55 and over to keep on with their career within the company. Finally, early retirement lets older workers enjoy their retirement after years of strenuous physical activity.

Financial and logistical means


The budget for 2021 amounts to 281.300.000 EUR. Check out the administrative budget (only available in French and Dutch) for more details on the Agency's revenues and expenditures.


With the aim to effectively perform its work and reduce travel, Bruxelles-Propreté carries out its activities from 8 places of business, one centrally-located garage and one administrative base.


Over 700 vehicles and street sweeping machines are at work on a daily basis to ensure the management of our waste and the cleanliness of urban spaces.